Unconditional FAQ

What happens now that my property sale is unconditional?

Once again we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the sale of your property. It is at this stage of the sale process that you may have some more questions with regard to the settlement process. Your solicitor will be assisting you through this, however, we thought we might try and help by answering some of the questions often asked of us by an owner.

Q1.  Do we have to attend settlement? Not if you have a solicitor or conveyancing company nominated to represent you throughout the sale, as they will attend settlement for you. Settlement generally involves the handing over of settlement cheques between both solicitors or conveyancers.

Q2.  When do we have to vacate the property? You will need to have moved out of the property, cleaned the house and have a key to the property handed in to your agents office by the time of settlement. Once settlement has occurred you are no longer the owner of the property and no longer require access to the property.

Q3. What is to stay at the property and what can we take with us? Your solicitor will be able to advise you, however as a guide anything attached to the property is a fixture and unless previously agreed to (by way of the contract or by both parties) must remain at the property at settlement. Fixtures will generally include, unless otherwise specified, fixed floor coverings, window furnishings, light fittings, dishwasher, air conditioner, water tank pumps, gas bottles that are connected to the property and TV antennas.

Q4.  How do I find out what time settlement is? Please check with your solicitor.

Q5.  Where do I leave the keys? Normally one set of keys to access the property are left with your agents office prior to settlement to hand over to the purchaser. All other keys and remotes are best left at the property in the top kitchen drawer, along with any manuals to appliances remaining at the property.

Q6. How clean should I leave it? By law the property should be left presented in the same condition the purchaser had originally inspected it. It is common courtesy to ensure the home is clean and tidy and lawns are mowed for settlement as we do suggest to all owners that it is also how you will be remembered.

Q7.  Do I disconnect electricity? No, instead please notify your electricity company and request a final account / metre reading up to the day of settlement. The purchasers can then have this simply transferred into their names from the day of settlement.

Q8. What about other services to the property? You may have your telephone, internet and gas services to the property disconnected when you wish. If there are gas bottles on site servicing the property that you own, these should be left at the property with at least one bottle left full.

Q9.  What do I do with the rubbish bins? Please ensure that both rubbish bins are emptied prior to settlement unless bin collection is the day of or day following settlement, in which case you may leave the bins on the roadside for collection as normal.

Q10.  What is a pre-settlement inspection? The buyer is entitled by law to a pre-settlement inspection of the property. This is normally a general walk through the property, usually the day prior or day of settlement, to ensure the condition of the property has not changed and explain how the home runs. Owners are not required to attend this inspection, however it is preferable if you can be on site during this time.

Q11.  Should we leave our forwarding details with the agent? Yes, this will assist with redirection of any mail or any other important reason we may need to contact you.

We hope this information assists you with a smooth transition to your new home. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.