Thank you for a very painless and helpful sales experience

We were looking at land in Maleny and flew in from Sydney to view it. Upon first look, we didn’t think it was what we were after so we extended the courtesy to visit the ReMax office to tell them not to proceed with any further viewings for that specific block. However, Susan was in the office and we sat with her and had a very good conversation about the area, transport into Brisbane for work, community etc. Susan was so comfortable to speak with and listened to our concerns and effectively guided us to not make a decision, go and have another look and visit the block before making a final decision. As a sales person myself I was not wanting to be “sold” to but instead, it was like sitting down with a friend and sharing information. My partner and I then decided to go back to the block and each time we went back we fell in love with it and the area more and more. We are now proud owners of that block and can’t wait to build and start our new life. Thank you, for a very painless and helpful sales experience. You’re a keeper!! 🙂